Telecom Operators Philippines

We live through innovations. We breath cutting-edge ideas and new beliefs that continually inspire. We pride ourselves of being experts in wireless technology, spanning radio frequency planning, engineering, designing, and consultancy, as well as project management. Our secret weapon: a lean workforce of experts who managed to excel in their professions and ready to take on the international market, after having designed and installed thousands of mobile networks and IT systems for major wireless operators and OEM’s. Leaders in their own rights:with a thorough wireless understanding and experience, they ensure each system is working and meeting your most demanding expectations.

We are AHD- Advance Communication System, Inc. We’ll break new grounds in wireless communications together.



Established and incoporated in 1997, immediately capitalized on the phenomenal success of the mobile telecommucations market.

Founded by group of electronics and communications experts backed by a keen sense of entrepreneural vision, the company, since its inception, has lived and breathed and revolutionary ideas and new beliefs that continually inspire.


To provide high value, high quality, converging solutions to telecom operators and to build a financially secure future for our stockholders and its workers and develop a more focus strategic investment with excellence, integrity and social responsibility.




To become the leading telecom equipment and RF engineering service provider engaging in high growth, high return investment and developing a commanding presence in the telecoms industry.


  • A combined total of 30 years of technical and management experience.
  • Versatile and passionate executives able to adapt wired and wireless communication technologies of different segments of the network.
  • 20-years established relationship with top and mid level management of major telco and key government agencies.
  • Combined corporate and entrepreneurial management for more than 16 years that kept the company expanding year on year.





  • Supplied Geo-Maps in partnership with Infovista for major telecom operators.
  • Implemented Model Tuning Services for major telecom operators.


  • Implemented Service Assurance Management in partnership with Radcom Israel for major telecom operators.


  • Delivery of Cariden IP/MPLS Planning & Traffic Eng’g. to major telecom operators.


  • Implemented NETWORK QUALITY ASSURANCE Project in partnership with Radcom, Israel.
  • Secured contract for off-loading platform projects in partnership with GreenPacket to major telecom operators.


  • Implemented OSS Platform in partnership with Pronto Network for Multi-Operator active DAS, ADC.


  • Deployed GSM 1800 and CDMA 2000 to major operators.


  • Implementation of full turn key DAS for Philippines largest shopping mall.


  • Frame supply agreement to supply Kathrein and Draka cable to major telecom operators.
  • Deployed hundreds of transmission equipment in partnership with major OEM companies.

2001 to 2003

  • Rolled out GSM 900 and 1800 with major OEM Compamies


  • Rolled out GSM 900 and 1800 with major OEM Companies.


  • Rolled out GSM 900 to major operators.


  • Deployed iDEN Network for Nextel Phils. in partnership with Bechtel Int’l.


  • Deployed nationwide project from Alcatel and ISLACOM.


  • One of the most prestigious buildings in Cebu City. A Hotel, Casino, Convention and Entertainment Centre all into one.
  • With a coverage area of nearly 25,000sq.m
  • With a total of 319antennas supporting 2G, 3G and LTE modules.
  • More than just a Mall, the SM Mall Of Asia is a tourist destination that has raised the standard of shopping, leisure and entertainment in the Philippines.
  • Almost four hectares of floor area. Almost one kilometer in length, and a perimeter of almost 2 kilometers.
  • One of the most premiere University in Manila, that houses almost 30,000 students. The DLSU campus consists of 19 buildings (nine classroom buildings and 10 other buildings for administrative and auxiliary functions) located on a 5.45 ha (13.5-acre) lot.
  • 220 antennas are proposed fort his project
  • The Medical City (TMC) is a tertiary care hospital with over forty years experience in hospital operation and administration. Its world-class health care complex serves some 40,000 in-patients and 400,000 out-patients annually.
  • With almost 115,000sq. m of space with a design total of nearly 400 antennas to cover 2G, 3G and LTE
  • A 5 star Vacation Hotel and Resort Nestling On A remote Location along the shores of Panglao Island Bohol.
  • Nearly 10,000sq m of coverage with almost 135 antennas also supporting 2G, 3G and LTE.
  • SM CITY CEBU, the premiere shopping destination in the Visayas! SM CITY CEBU is the 4th largest SM Supermall in the Philippines, and the 11th largest mall in the world! With almost 500 retail stores, outlets, restaurants and cafes.
  • Close to Almost 500antennas that cover almost 3hectares of GSM, 3G and LTE.


  • The Mactan (Cebu) International Airport is located in Mactan Island, province of Cebu in Central Philippines and connected to Cebu City and serves as the southern hub of the air transportation system of the Philippines.
  • Almost 9,000 sq. m of terminal port, shops, café and restaurant engaging in a daily traffic of 5000 passengers a day.
  • With almost 150 antennas covering 2G, 3G and LTE.
  • One Corporate Centre is an office skyscraper. It is the 13th tallest building in the Philippines with a height of 202m.The building has 61 floors.
  • Designed with almost 500 antennas covering 2G, 3G and LTE.


AHD is accredited and has an established business partnership for 14 years with major telcos and equipment vendors/OEM as a major engineering service provider. This results to AHD’s expansion continuous year after year. Steady business from our customers affirms that AHD remains to be one of the most successful and reliable pioneering full-turn key, engineering services and systems provider in the industry.