At AHD – Advance Communication System INc, when we are faced with walls, we go through them. Expertise and experience have honed our skills into dealing with just about any in-building environment we are faced with. We offer you a most comprehensive approach:from planning, to design, to implementation, all the way to documentation and maintenance. The result: wireless converage and mobile communication solutions to people in whatever structure they find themselves in. Shopping malls, airports, office buildings, and even underground subways: noting escapes our commitment in breathing wireless, life-giving signals into these otherwis cold constructs. Signals as steadfast as the structures they contend with: Never limited. Never intermittent. Always connected.

We are AHD – Advance Communication Systems Inc. We’ll break new grounds in wireless communications, together.


  • Site Acquisition (S.A.Q)
  • Full RF planning and design
  • Project management of design and system installation phases
  • Unbiased RF products and DAS strategy selection
  • System installation and implementation
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Documentation of designs, plans, and as-builts
  • System maintenance
  • DAS active products, fiber optic and CAT5 based solutions
  • Antenna, RF cables, connectors and couplers
  • Filters, combiners, and duplexers
  • Amplifiers , repeaters

Network Development

  • Site Acquisition
  • Technical Site Survey and Technical Documentation
  • Planning and Design
  • Civil Works
  • Telecom Installation (BTS, Transmission, Power system)
  • Testing, Commissioning & Integration
  • Optimization

Turn-key Wireless Network

  • Project Management
  • Network Architecture Design & Technology selection
  • Technical Site Survey
  • Site Acquisition
  • Planning, Design
  • Civil Works
  • Telecom Installation (BTS, Transmission, Power system)
  • Testing, Commissioning & Integration
  • Optimization
  • Logistics services
  • Documentation services

Broadband Systems

  • Operations Support System (deployment, provisioning, operations)
  • Off-loading and load balancing solution (deployment and provisioning)
  • Network Front-end i.e. CPE’s
  • Value-added services and content development

Optimization, Operations, Maintenance

  • Network Testing and Network Monitoring Solution for Mobile Broadband Data to improve customer Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • Drivetest and walktest data collection for cellsite performance analysis
  • Network Front-end i.e. CPE’s
  • Site auditing for asset tracking and expansion planning
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of base station subsystems and power systems
  • Basestation TRX upgrade



  • Aircom Asset 3G, Direct, RANOPT
  • BWave RF Vu 3G In-building Simulation Tool
  • TEMS Investigation Tool, TEMS 8.0
  • NEMO Analyzer
  • NetAct Planning Tool
  • RADCOM broadband tool
  • Anritsu Spectrum analyzer/Protocol Analyzer
  • Anritsu Site Master, Signal Generator and Power meter


  • Nokia
  • Ericsson
  • Huawei
  • ZTE
  • Motorola
  • Samsung
  • Alcatel- Lucent
  • Fujitsu
  • Benning
  • Nera
  • ECI
  • Ceragon
  • Eltek